Bluehost Review - Best Web Hosting Service Recommended by WordPress?

If you are reading this "Bluehost Review", You would have been looking for a best and perfect hosting for your site which has all necessary elements which make your website Speedy, Safe & Secure for Payments, and Massive Traffic Observant.

Bluehost Review - Best Web Hosting

So let's talk about its features, benefits, Services, and pricing... According to Wikipedia, Bluehost web hosts collectively hosting well over 2 million domains with its sister companies, Host-monster>Fast-domain iPage.

Bluehost was established in 1996 where there was little or no source of the Internet. But now it become one of the biggest hosting service providers of the world and well known by most of website owners. As of now, it is powering more than 2 million websites all over the world.

Bluehost Web-hosting recommended by WordPress:-

WordPress has officially recommended Bluehost web-hosting service for his user since 2006. Bluehost WordPress web-hosting plans are built for best performance & reliability.
Each plan includes a free domain, one click instant WordPress installation, backups and automated updates, and 24/7 WordPress expert support, unlimited bandwidth.

 Bluehost Review - Best Web Hosting

There are many of web hosting companies out there that offer you many great things, but very few of them come through for you when you need them.
The best part of any web-hosting company is that, they put their best service first according to your need and demand and make sure that you get what you think you should get from your web hosting site.
When you get BlueHost web-service, your webside becomes their website as well and it become their responsibility to serve the best and make your website do well and bring you the best experience and happiness.

Bluehost Review - Best Web Hosting

So when you sign up with Bluehost, you are going to see that you get to host unlimited domains. See What you Gonna have with Bluehost hosting service:-
Bluehost Review - Best Web Hosting

This is not your every day web hosting site. When you are with them, you get free domains forever, and you also get a few website builders to help those people get to start building a site that has never made one before plus Free SSL Certificate which makes your website safe & secure.

Bluehost Review - Best Web Hosting

However, if you want to know the main reason why they are better than everyone else, it's because of their technical support that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not to forget also is their online live chat support, where you can get help online.
It sounds too good to be true, but it's the truth. They are able to offer you all this web hosting and all these unbelievable web hosting services for just this small amount of money.

This is just to prove that you do not have to give up service to save money. Here you get best service at best price, there is no compromise with service bar in comparison to price they ask for.

Bluehost Web-hosting Pricing Plans:-

Bluehost offers different great and exciting plans. This includes VPS, shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated server, WordPress hosting etc. Let's talk about the plans and their features now.

1. Bluehost Shared Web Hosting:-

If you are going to start a small website or blog, then shared hosting is the best way to start your online site.Here, you can compete with low traffic and increase your business to new heights of success and glory.

Here your website will be in shared with other websites around the world. See what you get with shared hosting...

Bluehost Review - Best Web Hosting

2. Bluehost Cloud Web-Hosting:-

Cloud Hosting utilize different cloud servers so that your website can switch to a different server and get best speed.

This shifting is very useful in case of any power failure or high traffic generation. Let's talk about its plans and features...

Bluehost Review - Best Web Hosting

3. VPS (Virtual Private Servers) Web-Hosting:-

This could be the most upgraded forms of Shared hosting. Here, you can use the virtual dedicated hardware as per your needs.

VPS or Virtual private servers using all SSD storage. Here you get more flexibility, increased power and proper control for your websites. let's see it's features and pricing...

Bluehost Review - Best Web Hosting

4. Bluehost Dedicated Web-Hosting:-

When you want the ultimate in website performance, security, and control, then go for it. In this type of hosting, Bluehost services are provided according your business needs. You can utilize it according to your need & manage it with no issue. it is specifically built for large business which has tons of traffic each day. Look at the plans and features below...

Bluehost Review - Best Web Hosting

5. WordPress Bluehost Web-Hosting Basic Plans:-

This is the power-pack plan which is exclusively created for the WordPress websites only with maximum output.
It is fully optimized for running WordPress blogs and can even protect your site against harmful threats. there you will find 2 options for your WordPress site Basic and Optimized let's talk about basic plans...

Bluehost Review - Best Web Hosting

6. Bluehost Provide Optimized WordPress Web-Hosting:-

Bluehost Fully optimize this WordPress Hosting for best performance, it has Extreme Speed, enjoys a custom architecture engineered to deliver unprecedented performance. let's look at the plans and features...
Bluehost Review - Best Web Hosting

7. Bluehost WooCommerce Web-Hosting:- 

WooCommerce is the best e-commerce Plugins, Bluehost web service provides the WooCommerce direct into your website in few clicks.
Using WooCommerce Hosting Service, It's very easy to start your own e-commerce store and generate revenue from it. Let's learn more about it...

Bluehost Review - Best Web Hosting

Price never be the only factor when you choose one of the best Web-Hosting Service provider. Bluehost backup team and support system provides a regular Hardware Updates automatically. Such updates increase the performance of your website and make it speedy and better while browsing.

Why WordPress Recommend Bluehost Web Hosting Service?:-

  • Bluehost is being awarded the # 1 web hosting service provider by for two decades. And so far, it is working with full diligence to improve its services to deliver the best customer satisfaction.
  • Great focus on the WordPress blogs which is an addition plus point for their bloggers.It has fully customized cPanal including all the Industry level features.
  • Bluehost offers a best and Affordable Cloud Hosting to WordPress with some great performance benefits.Fully optimized plans for WooCommerce Website as well.
  • Most of the Plans have Free SSL Certificates and Some paid SSL Certificates for different eCom Websites.
  • Great focus on Customer Care Support for US Citizen.Apart from this, it has great numbers of add-ons available such as G Suite, Spam Experts, SiteLock etc.
So the next time you want a piece of good web hosting at a price that is amazing, to say the least, you should take a look at what BlueHost has to offer.

Bluehost Review - Best Web Hosting
I tried my best to share the best content for your search, this will help you a lot to take your decision about selecting the best web hosting services for your website.
I hope you will get the best value from this "Bluehost Review - Best Web Hosting Service Recommended by WordPress?" post. if so please let others learn from it.

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