Passive Income From YouTube $100/Day Without Making Videos!

One of the most frustrating thing is that, if you want to make money from YouTube channel, according to the new rules, you should have 1000 Subscribers and 4000hours watch time, then after you can monetize your channel with Adsense but at starting it not easy to get these much subscribers and watch time on your channel.

Passive Income From YouTube

Today 'I'm going to tell you about a technique through which you can easily make
Let's find out a good product that we can sell. I will highly recommend Clickbank.
ClickBank is a very good marketplace where you can search for thousands of digital product to sell.
If you want to learn How to Register for Clickbank it's easy, you just need to stick with profitable niches.

Whenever I search the product, I just stick with These 3 Niches:-
  • Health & Fitness 
  • Wealth Creation 
  • Relationships Building
If you stick with these 3 niches, then you can earn really very good money online or you can do well because there are many people in these niches looking for a solution to their problems and you can provide the solution of that problem.

Process of Creating Passive Income From YouTube:-

Step1:- So let's start and search for a good offer to promote, Select any one niche from this niche. Lets Select for Example:- health & fitness.

Passive Income From YouTube

Step2:-Now Sort Result by GRAVITY:.........................

Passive Income From YouTube

Step3:- Now Select any offer from 1st 5 offer and Click on Promote link button- Now New window will appear- Here Click on Create Button.
Step4:-Now In the next window, you will get your Unique Affiliate Link to promote as shown below.
Step5:- Now Copy your Affiliate Link and Short this link with any of these sites:-
Step6:- Now Go to YouTube and search relevant Keyword "You should focus on keyword about 4-7 words" for example:- "How to Lose Weight Women Fast" you also can get help from these keyword search tools...
Step7:- Now On YouTube Type in Search Box:- "fitness, creative commons"
Creative Commons means you are allowed to reuse these videos on your channel, there are no copyrighting issues with these videos. These videos come under
Step8:- Now find any good video which perfectly goes with your affiliate offer and download this video in MP4 Format on your PC or Laptop with the help of these sites:-
Step9:- Now upload the same video on your YouTube channel, You also can edit the video before uploading if you want.
While uploading you should add a complete title with selected Keyword and add a description with your affiliate offer link and add relevant tags as mentioned in the video.
Here are some best Tag Extractor Tools for finding the best tags for your videos:-

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How to get traffic to your YouTube Video? 

Passive Income From YouTube

For getting fast and organic traffic to your YouTube video, You should consider these places

On this above site, you should search for social signal sharing, this sharing will give your video a jump in a search engine and you will get thousands of organic visitor to your video.

Please follow the instructions step by step, and go ahead and start earning your online income with these secret tips. Apart from this if you want to start your own Online Business or Become Successful Entrepreneur...

Here are some Online Career options for you.

I hope you must get value from this "Passive Income From YouTube $100/Day Without Making Videos!" post this could be the best passive income ideas for you, if you get value please help others to learn from it. please share the post.

Babita Singh
Thanks,Make it a Great Day. 
Babita Singh

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